Contrary to popular belief, my camera wasn’t stitched to my hands at birth. It all began in freshman year around Christmas season, when I didn’t really have a livelihood then. I had the satisfaction of choosing my Christmas gift, and I chose a Nikon Coolpix L110. I never thought it was going to be an everyday tool, especially one that would take my high school experience on a detour. At the time, I was just preoccupied with capturing smiles.

On the days I put down the camera, I go out for bike rides to local diners and dives that I’ve never been to before. One time, I rode my bike all the way to Central Park in Huntington Beach just because I’ve just heard that there was a lake there I’ve never known about all this time. I just recently discovered the best breakfast burritos and Cro-nuts come from the joint right on the corner of Bushard and Heil as I was passing by on the way to a friend’s house. If you need the morning kick-start, I suggest Caffe Caldo on Beach and Atlanta; you’ll never be grumpy after looking at that foamy heart designed on your macchiato.

I’ve always thought there was something in common between photography and biking as my hobbies. I’m not sure which one I like more, even though it would be assumedly photography. When I think about it, taking pictures isn’t really the interest when stripped down to the core, and neither is biking. It’s the exploration: when wisdom comes from striding on the boardwalk or sitting on the edge of a riverbed. Whenever you can do something you feel like at that moment, don’t hold back a whim.


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