…And that’s how the Racontographer was born

He is there because behind every great picture is an even greater story to be heard. 

If there was ever such a motivation to create this blog, it would have to be this TED talk:

*Warning: contains graphic language

Once upon a time,  I made one of the greatest decisions in high school, and in my life, by joining Yearbook…

My primary goal of my first year was to dramatically improve the quality of the photography, and I succeeded. But that was it. There was no “so what?” attached to the photos.

It was only until my second, and last, year that I really became obsessed over the notion that everyone has a niche in school. And along with that, a unique story to tell. Mr. Ziebarth, my AP English teacher for junior year, put it best when he said, “Everyone is just pieces of text, and everyone is unique”. To which I added that it’s everyone’s goal in life to read one another. It gave me a fulfilling sense of purpose when I dedicated my senior year yearbook to having other people tell the story for us.

What happens when I take the goal of my first year in Yearbook and incorporate it with my second? All of a sudden, my photography takes a tremendous turn for the better. The one thousand words a picture is worth become imaginable than ever. I become not just a photographer, but an historian, a poet, a novelist, a raconteur.  I took the photographer I was that first year, and conjoined him with the raconteur my second year to form the racontographer.

…And that’s when I found that “so what?” I was looking for.


One thought on “…And that’s how the Racontographer was born

  1. Hey Tue,
    I really liked your article. I never got to see your yearbook after you got all your signatures, but it turned out really cool! I thought it was interesting that you believe that everybody’s goal in life is to read one another. Although I would not say that it’s EVERYBODY’S goal, it is an interesting concept to think about. The first thing you notice about a person is their appearance, and often, without thinking about it, you judge a person based on their appearance, even if you’re trying not to. Oftentimes, their appearance makes you wonder what kind of a person they are. Finding out that back story is pretty much how you get to know a person! Thanks for a great article.

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