What are We when We Care?

Make me care
That’s the number one rule
I don’t care if it’s Walter White or Dr. House
Just make me care about him
This is how I learn about the human condition
Why you shouldn’t cry wolf, why slow and steady wins the race
I believe the boy and the tortoise, and I believe in them

Who is that person who will tell his side of the story?
The person that sees himself as a book sucking in the words of every fleeting moment
The one who invites people around the campfire with him
But it’s the warmth of his soul that makes people listen
Trustworthiness are his eyes, because he knows they cannot lie

What he sees are the hearts of every moment
Because he believes that everything plays out the way that it does to teach you
The way he writes his future is by reading the past
That higher being intended it to be like that
That we can all be like him
That we can all tell stories

We know not to judge a book by its cover
That it’s better to have loved and lost
We all saw Ratatouille and Wall-E
But why?
Why should we read about Anne Frank and remember 9/11
Because we are all racontographers
And it’s our job to take the something out of everything


One thought on “What are We when We Care?

  1. I learned a new word today: Rancontographers. I think it’s all in human nature to interpret everything, whether it’s good or bad. And that brings up the question: Are there good rancontographers? Or bad rancontographers? Or does everyone have a different view of everything?

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